Lolcats & Loldogs

I came across these two websites months ago, and must share them with you. I Can Has Cheeseburger is a cat-themed blog that features cute photos with hilarious captions, and I Has A Hotdog is the dog-themed site. I’m on them almost every day for a good smile or laugh. Check them out!

Here are two short, but funny, videos that have been recently posted. I keep going back to watch them, they’re so good!

Cat Ambush

 One Cold Morning…


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Sue Bird - AHHH! Love the cat one! Too funny! My cat does that to my dog! Priceless!

Tuesday Inspiration

For my birthday last month, I got a gorgeous photography book called EQUUS. It is full of stunning horse photographs by Tim Flach, one of my favorite animal photographers. His work is truly amazing, and I think horse lovers and photographers alike should have this book. Head over to Tim Flach’s website and click on “Equus”, then view the gallery. It contains just a few of the many horse photos included in the book. It is very inspiring and makes me want to spend a few hours at the barn, smelling horse smells and stroking soft horse muzzles. *sigh*

As I cannot post without a photo, here’s some shots of Buddy running away from a harmless beetle. I don’t know what it is with him, but flying bugs really freak Buddy out. When a fly is in the house, he will not rest until he has eaten it. Crazy dog. (These are out of focus, I know, but I think you can see his expression of discomfort quite well.)

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april - Haha… thanks for the giggle today! =)

Nicole - My Tucker is also crazy dog about bugs, and I am reminded now that it is spring and our place is host to a colony of ladybugs… hopefully they’re good for digestion, as I’ve only been able to rescue a few of them!

Claire - oh man, i LOVE tim flach! and how cool is the flash intro to his website with the weim walking around?? good stuff!