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I love, love, love the work of Claire Bow of Rouxby Photography. I visit her blog daily and her photos always bring a smile to my face and inspire me. I am thrilled to announce that one of her photos of the special Great Dane rescue, Blake, was chosen to be a part of National Geographic’s Daily Dozen, which means it is in the running to be published! Go here to vote for Claire! To vote, you must rate each photo that you see, so just keep rating and you’ll come across the photo of Blake, then give it a great big 10! :) 

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claire - oh my goodness, THANK YOU for putting this up!!! that is so sweet!! i owe you one now :)

Bandana Fashion

Buddy demonstrated his excellent modeling skills today when I pulled out one of his old bandanas. He worked multiple looks and displayed large amounts of patience.

First up, some more matronly looks.

Love this.

This look is called the “Western Robber”.


Also known as “If Looks Could Kill, I’d Be Dead”.

A turban fashion.

This is called “Hidden Beauty”. Another fave.

This look resembles a ’50s cleaning lady.

“One-eyed Buddy”

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Kristy - Good job, Emilee. I love all the new looks. It is a good thing we have patient dogs!

Robin - Your bandana series cracked me up. Very creative and unique – and I bet you were laughing while you were talking the pictures. Thanks for making me laugh.

nick - Haha i hope you gave him lots of belly rubs and treats for doing all that :D

Becky (rksquared) - Oh the things we put our dogs through. I love these! He looks like he has a toothache in the “50s cleaning lady” pics. :)

Emilee - I’m glad everyone likes these! I was laughing the whole time! Buddy was very patient and got lots of treats. He hated the “western robber” look. That was the only one I had trouble with him on, but he was rewarded when it was all over! :D

Stacey - What a hilarious photo shoot! I almost feel like it’s a “grandma” montage, but that might be just because I see my own grandmother in the first few ;-) So fun!

Grace - These totally cracked me up! I freaking love Buddy. He’s such a great sport, I just want to give him a big smooch.

sarah - ha! love it!

Rachel - Oh my…This post cracked me up! Buddy is so sweet. I like the 50’s cleaning lady the best!

Stephanie - Burst out laughing with the cow boy ones. nice job Emilee

Pammy - Emilee, that just cracked me up this morning!!! Thank goodness I didn’t have coffee or water near me or in my mouth while viewing it. It would have been all over the laptop from my laughter.

Julie - Buddy is such a good sport – what a sweetie ;)

Her Favorite Toy

There is one toy that Olivia cannot be without. Sure, she plays with lots of others, but this is The Toy. She can entertain herself for hours with this smelly thing.

(I don’t know why the sound doesn’t work on the swinging and chasing videos. But that’s okay because the sound of her chewing on her toy is the only important noise you need to hear!)

Swinging her toy:

Sucking on her toy:

Chasing her toy:

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Jennie - Oh my gosh this is so great. She has such a personality. I love the angle with your lab looking at her like “sigh… she’s at it again.” Too funny. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it this morning.

april - Hilarious! She reminds me so much of my Chloe. =) I love the little flip turn she does to chase the toy! =)

Melissa - These made my day!

leesia - lol, she is so cute!! i love how buddy’s just sitting there in the first one while she swings her toy around…like he’s just too cool to be bothered. :p