Tuesday Inspiration

For my birthday last month, I got a gorgeous photography book called EQUUS. It is full of stunning horse photographs by Tim Flach, one of my favorite animal photographers. His work is truly amazing, and I think horse lovers and photographers alike should have this book. Head over to Tim Flach’s website and click on “Equus”, then view the gallery. It contains just a few of the many horse photos included in the book. It is very inspiring and makes me want to spend a few hours at the barn, smelling horse smells and stroking soft horse muzzles. *sigh*

As I cannot post without a photo, here’s some shots of Buddy running away from a harmless beetle. I don’t know what it is with him, but flying bugs really freak Buddy out. When a fly is in the house, he will not rest until he has eaten it. Crazy dog. (These are out of focus, I know, but I think you can see his expression of discomfort quite well.)

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april - Haha… thanks for the giggle today! =)

Nicole - My Tucker is also crazy dog about bugs, and I am reminded now that it is spring and our place is host to a colony of ladybugs… hopefully they’re good for digestion, as I’ve only been able to rescue a few of them!

Claire - oh man, i LOVE tim flach! and how cool is the flash intro to his website with the weim walking around?? good stuff!

I’m melting

My favorite thing about spring is the baby animals. I love finding birds’ nests and watching young animals grow up. Last year we had a couple of pigeons nest in a tree right by our front door and I checked on them every day. Pigeons, by the way, are much nicer than mockingbirds. Mockingbirds like to poke harmless bird watchers on the head. :P A couple of years ago, while out walking Buddy, I came across a mother bunny nursing two little ones. It was an amazing sight. Unfortunately, Buddy and bunnies do not mix well, and we’ve had our fair share of rabbit raising and burying. One year he found a nest and killed one of four babies. We ended up caring for the one baby bunny that was abandoned by the others. After lots of love and laughs, he died a week later. I still don’t know what happened, he was doing so well. I’ll spare you all of my other wild animals stories and share with you the reason why I wrote this post.

My neighbors, Molly’s parents, called yesterday to let me know that there was a baby bunny in their garden. I grabbed my camera and was over in a heartbeat. It was hiding under their cactus plant, but then got scared and hid underneath the jasmine. Oh, it was so cute! I hope he got back to his family okay.

Here he is:

Ooo… soft baby bunny fur… It was so hard not to touch!

Look at it’s little nose!


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Grace - Oh gosh baby bunnies are the cutest. My dad always used to find them mowing the lawn in spring time.

Meredith - AWWW!!!!!!!! that is all i can say at the moment. Reminds me of Junior. You should link a post of him.

Andrew Lee - You found the Easter Bunny. It does exist!!! Hopefully that’s not the same one you found later :/

Emilee - Andrew >> No, thankfully this little guy wasn’t the one I found later on!

Rachel - Oh how adorable! Your sad bunny story does remind me of my squirrel story. :( At least we tried our best. These are great shots especially around Easter time!

claire - i need a baby bunny!

Jill - adorable!! :)

Nicole - These are awesome! I love your work– inspiration. (And I am more than a little jealous of your bright green grass down there in FL!)

Haley Poulos - GAH! Stop that! I’m a puddle over here- that bunny is entirely too cute.
And I love Buddy’s tail from today- I can just hear him crashing through all that greenery!