Snap*, Macromutt, and more!

Just wanted to share a few cool sites with you all (pet  and pet photography sites, of course :D).

First, I have been featured on both Snap* and Macromutt, two really cool new directories for pet photographers.

Second, the creators of both of the sites have other pet related sites that you MUST check out! Snap*’s creator has another site, Mod-Dog, where you can purchase ADORABLE cards and prints. And check out the Mod-Dog blog, it’s full of fun stuff, too! Macromutt’s creator has some other sites, such as Barkability, a site that features cool pet products, and Mackenzie Speaks, a blog that gives you a peek into the mind of the lovely Golden Retreiver, Mackenzie.

Here’s an organized list of all of the sites:


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Goats, llamas, and… tigers?

Yesterday I celebrated by 17th birthday, and on the way to my wonderful surprise party, my parents, little sister, and I stopped by a tent in a parking lot that had some farm animals and a few wild animals to look at. There were adorable baby goats, a cow, llamas, ponies, pythons, monkeys, a mini kangaroo, a camel, and tigers. I got to hold a little 9 week on tiger cub, which was amazing. She was so fuzzy and cute! And she bit me, but that was okay. I took a few pictures (unfortunately none of the baby tiger!) before leaving to go to the party, and can’t help but share them with you!

The farm animals:

Haha, check out the teeth!

Here are her babies (everybody say “awww!”).

The tiger. When we got there, he (she?) was asleep, but not for long. It broke my heart to see this big, beautiful, majestic creature caged up like this. It is one thing to see cute, fuzzy farm animals in a petting zoo environment, getting fed by little kids, but it is another thing to see a great animal like this pacing around a cage. I would much rather have photographed him in a sanctuary, large zoo, or in his own environment (as dangerous as that may be). Not that it wasn’t fun to see him so close, but it really did break my heart, especially when he walked in circles around his little cage. This wasn’t where he was supposed to be, you know? Sorry, I just had to get that out.

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courtney - That tiger is beautiful!! And you’re right, it is sad to see him/her caged up like that. :(

Jamie - yay, I LOVE seeing unusual animals on pet photographer’s blogs! these are so awesome emilee!

Stephanie - Happy Birthday. Seeing the tiger in the cage just isnt right however I’m glad you photographed and commented on it. The growling picture of the The tiger reminds me of my dog in the a.m …..Grummmpy!