Part 2 of our Photo Day pictures features Wyatt Earp and Darla, two of the dogs owned by the fabulous owners of A Pet’s Life. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to shoot these two, especially Mr. Wyatt Earp. Each pup was a little bit unsure at first, but they warmed up to the camera very quickly! Wyatt would do anything for his beloved tennis ball, and both dogs enjoyed the treats (who wouldn’t?).

I had the hardest time narrowing down Wyatt’s photos. How could I possibly bring myself to delete any images of this handsome Miniature Australian Shepherd?

On the left you see his very focused tennis ball face.

I loved these detail shots!

Here is Miss Darla, an adorable little Maltese. I think she is in the store just about every day, hanging out wither her parents and greeting customers with a bark (she’s a little bit wary of strangers). Once she gets to know you, she’s a total sweetheart!

I love Darla’s long, wavy hair. It is the cutest little mop I’ve ever seen! :)

And we’ll end with a shot of the two together!

It was a privilege to photograph such willing, beautiful models. I will definitely be calling on Wyatt and Darla when I need models for future projects!

Next up, some of the cute, friendly birds from A Pet’s Life!

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  • Beautiful, thanks for making me smile today!!

  • Aww that first picture of wyatt is too cute! They both do make excellent models hehe

  • the one of darla standing on her back legs, and the one where she is all flattened out are adorable! i love her fur.

  • Emilee, you have an absolute gift with these animals. :) You’re so great at what you do. I know I could never get any dog to sit like that for me…even the most well behaved ones! HA. :) Your pictures are wonderful!

I hung out with Hailey, Chopper, and their family at the dog beach last week and we had a blast! Here’s a quick sneak peek from their session.

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  • Loves me some cute butt shots! Very cute, Emily!

  • You have quite the cheek to post butt shots =p Very cute though ahha

  • LOL!

  • Ohhh. I’m super excited about the boxer butts :) Can’t wait for the full blog