A couple of days ago I pulled out the studio equipment, and, of course, the first dog to sit on the paper was Olivia. I can’t get over how quickly she figured out what she’s supposed to do when the paper comes out. She’ll follow me around as I set everything up, then hop right onto the paper and model when it is all ready. She’s a natural, I tell you!

Ah, the underbite! It slays me.

The shot on the right is my new favorite. I can so see a cape flying behind her. It’s SuperOlivia!

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  • Beautiful work, as always. Olivia seems so aptly named! I especially love the third image– the first landscape.

  • Olivia is such a trip! I wish my girls were that cooperative. Chloe hides from the camera, poor girl. =) The first shot is my favorite… I just love the way her legs bow out!

  • ha! gracie does the same thing…..little models :) that first one with her legs sitting is BEAUTIFUL. great work!!

  • Adorable! I *love* her underbite – too cute!

  • LOVE the over the shoulder :) What a cutie!!

  • Such a CUTIE!! :-)

  • she is totally a natural! and she’s got great coloring for studio shots!

  • Amazing studio work! She is def. a natural model!

  • I love her wittle teefsies!
    : )

  • ohh she is so ready for those close-ups :D

  • Abigail

    Hey! great work Emilee! i love the underbite one and the over the shoulder one the best! Love ya! :)

  • these are great! olivia is such a good model!

I just want to let you all know that I have not forgotten my blog! I’m unhappy with myself every single day that I don’t update. Life has gotten quite rough over the past few weeks, and blogging has not been at the top of my to-do list. I hope you understand.

I’ll share some more stuff later, but know this: I have a lot of plans this summer that will hopefully go through and I can’t wait to share them with you! The end of the school year and the beginning of the summer are really getting me motivated to get out there and work hard to grow my business. God has already put some awesome people in my path that I know want to help me, too, and it is amazing!

And I also want to say a big “thank you” to all of my wonderful, faithful blog readers. You’re all so great!!!

I was playing around with this image tonight, trying to make it look similar to film. I LOVE the look of film, but I’m just not patient enough to shoot with it. But who knows, maybe this summer I’ll give it a try. :)

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  • i’m with you; i always wish i could play with film but never have the time/money/resources. i love this image, though!

Fellow pet photographer, April Ziegler, is having a super cool giveaway on her blog this week. The winner of the contest gets the collar of his or her choice from Big Doggy Bling, a fantastic shop on Etsy that sells custom collars and harnesses. There is some really great stuff for sale, so go check it out!

All you have to do to enter the contest is head over to Big Doggy Bling and pick the collar that you’d like for your dog, then leave a comment on April’s blog letting her know which collar you would like if you win. Very easy!

For more details visit April’s blog!

I’d also like to share some spreads from Kilo’s book. We had a fantastic session back in February, and his book has finally been completed. It looks great in person, and I know his momma will love it!

We were able to get some shots of Kilo with his buddy Tia, so I made a special spread of the two together.

The finished product: an 8×8 custom coffee table book to show off all of Kilo’s beautiful photos!

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  • Beautiful dog!

  • Lovely book design :D

  • Awesome book cover! So beautiful!