Today I found out who lives in the little burrow in the empty lot behind our house. Who is it? A tiny tortoise!

The tortoise, my camera, and I spent some quality time together this afternoon. At least I think it was quality time. The tortoise couldn’t get back to his burrow fast enough! Hopefully he’ll stick around so I can watch him grow. He’s too cute. :)

I get such a kick out of watching turtle’s walk.

The end!

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  • Ee hee hee! I love the last shot!! It’s so charming. What a cutie pie

  • Holy amazingly cue turtle Batman!!! I heart him :)

  • these photos really made me smile. they’re AWESOME emilee. i look forward to more of this little guy….

  • Oh my gosh! How totally awesome! Great photos and colors, and photographic adventure!

  • How cute that little guy is!

  • I love all these, but especially the last that looks like the little guy is running away. That is so cute. And this might be a silly question, but…Is a tortise the type of turtle that gets big? Not like a regular box turtle. If so, that will be really cool to watch him get bigger.

  • Emilee

    Rachel >> This little guy is a gopher tortoise, and yes, he will get big. He (or she, I have no clue) will grow to be about 10-15 inches long and will reach about 30 pounds. I just read that they grow 3/4 inches per year, so it will take this one a while to grow. Hopefully we will be living here for a while, so I can watch him get bigger. :)

  • oh man, emilee. this is AWESOME :) you have the best little creatures where you live!

  • #3 for the win! WONDERFUL.

  • I subscribed to your blog! Your presentation is simply beautiful, and you are hands down one of the top 10 pet photographers. Good stuff!