I deeply pity the person who does not love this face.

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  • oh my that is a perfect moment!!! I love your blog/work…

  • what a sweetheart! this is perfect for a monday morning. :p

  • How could anyone NOT love that face? Impossible. Awesome new blog header too… I had a Boston session yesterday. Most skittish Boston ever!

  • awww! so sweet!

  • He’s so sweet! That’s exactly how my dog Cali looks at me during photo sessions . . .it’s like I’m interrupting her nap!

Today Shadow’s owners had to make the hard decision to let him go. He had lost all use of his hind legs and could barely get around anymore. He would scoot around, pulling himself by his front legs. It was a very sad sight to witness. Honestly, he was able to live longer than I expected. Shadow was such a sweet dog, he will be greatly missed.

I love this image because it captures Shadow before he was unable to stand. He looks so regal and calm, standing guard over his yard.

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  • RIP shadow.

  • Rest peacefully Shadow.. run in the sun and lay in the shade beyond the rainbow bridge.

For my whole life, my mom has referred to newborn babies that she sees in the store, in the mall, or at restaurants as “fresh”. They’re new, tiny humans. Kind of pink. Completely amazing.

When I saw these two infant rabbits in my neighbor’s yard, the first word that popped into my mind was “fresh” (thanks, Momma). And they were. Their little eyes weren’t even open and their ears were so tiny, you could hardly tell that they would become long rabbit ears. There is nothing like seeing a new baby, human or animal, and I was totally smitten with these two.

I was also a little bit shocked because they were left out in the open, not hidden away in a warm nest. The mom was seen hanging around earlier, so hopefully she will return soon to hide her babies in a safe little burrow.

I dare you not to smile or make some kind of baby-talk when you see these. :)

Oh, sweet little baby bunny feet!

The baby on top was a rambunctious little guy. I felt bad for his sibling, the little guy kept getting sat on and shoved aside!

The yawning series is my favorite. I was so happy when I got these shots! (Please excuse the blur.)

So sweet. :)

Check out the little nub of a tail! Aw!

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  • GEEZ – this is SO ridiculously cute that I feel like I am going to melt. Love it!!

  • Oh My Gosh! Absolutely amazing! Ah!
    Also: love your new header!

  • OMG I don’t think I’ve ever seen baby bunnies – they are precious!! Beautiful photos . .I hope we get to see more as they get bigger!! You’re right . .the yawn series is just too cute for words!

  • Ginny & Bernie

    Emilee, these are terrific photos!! The little bunnies are still snuggled-in their spot at 7:15 PM. Hopefully Momma will come soon to feed them and take care of them. Hope she doesn’t hide them where we can’t see their progress so you can get more great shots.

  • too cute. glad i wasn’t there because they would have been instantly adopted :)

  • Oh, so very cute!!! Great photos, Emilee!! :-)

  • Oh my goodness, they are so tiny! Fabulous shots Emilee. I love how they’re all cuddled together, too sweet!

  • Abigail

    too CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • I have actually never seen baby bunnies before. So cute and such great shots :)

  • Love those bunnies and the colors a re beautiful as well…Mom will be back to care for them…they are so fragile at that age though…