Moon, a larger version

Remember little Moon? Well, he’s not so little anymore! I dropped by his house today and got a few shots of him, and, oh my, has he grown! He is only 8 months old and is larger than Buddy. He is expected to be over 200 pounds full grown. Wow! And, although a handful, he is completely adorable. While we were inside, he had to stay outside and ran to all of the doors and windows, whining and jumping, begging to come in. Moon is definitely a people dog. When I took some pictures of him, I tried to kneel on the ground for some shots, but he wanted to sit on my lap. :P Oh well, I did get some cute shots of him, though.

PLEASE let me in. Please?

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sarah - oh man, that’s cute!

Bev - Oh my. Love these on the red/orange brick with his gorgeous coloring! Nice work.

Jamie - oh my goodness, I just got a HUGE smile on my face seeing these! awesome job Emilee, these are adorable.

Stephanie - Oh Love the first two!!!

nick - Aww its almot a full moon now :D Heh sorry couldn’t resist that..

Mary - Ruh-roh! He totally looks like Scooby-Doo! What a cutie.

Grace - Really beautiful work on these. He is too stinking cute.

Olivia is home!

Well, Olivia is home and is back to her normal (crazy) self. She is so happy to be home, and we’re so happy to have her back! She doesn’t have to wear a cone, like I thought, so no cone-head pictures. The vet told us that she is fine and can do everything she normally does, which is good, because it would be very hard to keep her from playing and jumping!

To celebrate Olivia’s homecoming, I’m having a little giveaway. A long time ago I had a bunch of notecards printed that feature some beach photos I took about a year ago. I’ll give away one pack, which includes 8 notecards, 2 each of 4 designs. They were printed from shutterfly a while back, and now they’re just sitting around, so I want you to have them! :) (Next time I’ll give away something pet themed, okay?)

To enter, just leave a comment telling me a weird fact about your pet. If you have a non-weird pet, just share one of the characteristics that stands out most to you! I’ll start: Buddy chases reflections, Olivia eats dead things (yuck!), and Lester likes fruity popsicles.

At the end of the week, I’ll randomly select 1 commenter to send a pack of cards to!

Here’s what the cards look like (please excuse the glare from the flash, I took these very quickly!):

And here is Olivia enjoying being home!

Gah, look at those teeth! :D

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Melissa - Kyla doesn’t bark.

Amber Leonard - My cat Clara has an unusal habit of eating things she shouldn’t. One Christmas my husband bought me a sweater from the GAP. I washed it one day and laid out flat on top of the dryer for it to dry. I came home from work and Clara had eaten a huge chunck out of the corner of it. Of course she almost automatically started acting funny. She couldn’t use the litter box at all. One trip to the vet and 2 weeks of kitty cat laxative later she was ok. Then there was the time she ate a piece of scotch tape. Laxitive couldn’t do the trick this time. Surgery was required. Then two days after we got her home she ate a hair rubber band. Thankfully she threw it up!

Meredith - oh my word. the last pic is ADORABLE

Jill - aww Olivia is SO cute!

Andrew Lee - My pug, Pugoda, bodyrolls face first into things with a strong scent. Example: My wife tried some now Paul Mitchell shampoo, and Pugoda rolled onto my wife’s head when she was laying on the couch. Its not the craziest thing, but it is pretty funny to watch.

Spay day & droopy lips

I’m so sorry, I’ve been a HORRIBLE blogger so far this month, but I’ll make it up, I promise!

Today Olivia was spayed. We don’t get her back until tomorrow, which means a 24 hour rest for Buddy. We do miss her, and I hope she’s not too messed up when she comes home tomorrow. When we called the vet today, the receptionist told us she did fine, but was like a “drunken soldier” at the time. Poor, groggy Olivia! However, I am looking forward to, but also dreading, seeing her with her head in a cone. I don’t mean to sound mean, but it will look funny! And her poor naked belly that we used to kiss all of the time will be stitched up. That will be sad. :(

While we sit here missing little Livy, I want to show you some funny shots of her droopy lip. It hangs to one side constantly, and her tongue even sticks out that one side when she yawns or pants!

You can really see it here:

Everybody come back tomorrow to see shots of Miss Livy recovering with her cone (I wonder what Buddy will think of that?). I’ll also be having a little giveaway! Nothing big, but you might like it. :)

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april - Oh my gosh, her lip is so cute! Glad to hear she did ok… Lucy goes in next week. Poor girl…

Jill Beninato - I love droopy lips…it’s those kind of things that make our pets so special and unique. My one doxie Daisy has a crooked nose that turns to the left at the end and it is sooo her. I hope Olivia has a speedy recovery….keep that cone on!

Becky - When we had our newfie spayed, they told us she couldn’t run or jump for seven days. I can’t help but wonder how Olivia will survive without chasing Buddy for that long!?

Emilee - Hey emilee! haha i acutally came to find your website after searching the name emilee on google!
Oh what boredom can do for you. :]
but none-the-less, I just wanted to say that I’m glad that i stumbled upon this website because your photography is beautiful!
You’re doing the rest of the Emilee’s of the world good! :]
Keep up your great work!