This blog post has been sitting as a draft for way too long! So yes, the photos have my old logo and name on them, since they were prepped a while ago. But I hope you can look past that and enjoy the images of these two sweet, happy girls from Naples…

I met Zoey and Lucy for their photo session last year (yes, 2015–yikes!). They were such a pleasure to photograph. Zoey is a 15 year old Golden mix, and Lucy is her 10 year old Pit mix sister. Both of these old girls are living the good life in one of my favorite cities, with a mama that just loves them to pieces. We relaxed in the backyard for some shots, then moved inside, where Lucy showed off her favorite bunny toy. The session ended with some precious snuggles with their mom. My heart was melting while I photographed the love between this trio!

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What a year it’s been! I’ve got a lot on my heart, so I’m taking a moment to share and update everyone on what’s new. Get ready for some rambling!

As you know, I moved to Orlando in May 2015. It was a big, scary, awesome leap of faith. I left the comfort of my parent’s home to get out on my own. I left a quiet retirement community for a huge, diverse, touristy city. I left my comfort zone completely. Those first few months in Orlando were tough. I lived with two dear friends, but it was still an emotional transition. The hardest part? I left Buddy in Englewood with my parents. Yes, my sweet, faithful Bud. I knew that I couldn’t bring him to Orlando right away, since I was working other jobs that kept me away from home for hours on end. Buddy doesn’t like being alone and gets separation anxiety–he’ll chew himself raw if he’s alone for too long. As hard as it was, I knew it was best for him to be with my family.

God grew me so much that first summer. It was one big lesson in trusting God to provide for me, to comfort me, to lead me, change me. I am so grateful for every difficult moment, because God used it for good. He showed His faithful love and care in ways that I never expected. As rough as it was to be away from my family, I knew that it was the right decision, because the Lord provided every step of the way.

Things really got interesting in September 2015, when I started dating TJ. We had been together very briefly when I lived in Englewood, long-distance, but it wasn’t the right timing. After a summer in Orlando, getting to know one another even better as friends, we were ready for more. TJ was an awesome leader throughout our courtship. Fast forward to December, and he popped the question! Of course, I said yes. Fast forward another four months, and we were married on April 29, 2016. Our engagement simultaneously felt like it dragged on forever and flew by in a blur. We spent an amazing honeymoon in Colorado, which is now my favorite state. Florida’s beaches can’t compete with those incredible San Juan mountains!

As you can tell, a lot has happened in the last year. It has been full of change, trials, and blessings, and I wouldn’t trade one bit of it. There was a lot on my plate, with the wedding and my other work, that my photography spent some time on the back burner. I just couldn’t keep up with everything the way I wanted to, which is why it has been pretty quiet here. Now, things are changing once again.

Emilee Fuss Photography is now Emilee Miller Photography. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to change the business name or leave it alone after the wedding, but I finally decided to go for it. I need a fresh start, a fresh look. My business has sat stagnant for months, and it’s time to revamp some things, time to grow, change, thrive. I couldn’t be happier about what’s coming!

The new logo fits me perfectly. Not only does it represent my new initials, it’s also my nickname. My sweet husband always calls me “Em,” as do many close friends, and it’s grown on me. I’m keeping the color scheme the same, because I love green. It’s such a calming color, and so prevalent in nature.

Pricing is also being tweaked. While I’ve avoided selling digital images for years, I’ve decided to include them with sessions. When I’m looking for a photographer, I want digital images, and I know my ideal client is the same way. I’m still offering the same stellar products, like luxury albums and canvases. Displaying artwork has, and always will be, a priority for both myself and my amazing clients. That will never change!

I think that should bring everything up to date! Whew! If you made it through all of that, thank you for reading. Please continue to check the blog and follow along on Facebook for new posts and news. Who knows what this next year has in store!

It wouldn’t be right to post without some photos, so here are a few favorites from our wedding. The photo with my Buddy is so precious to me. It was a priority to have him in the wedding, and I’m tremendously grateful that he could be there. I was worried that I would be really nervous before the ceremony, but Buddy was with me the whole time and helped keep me calm. He’s the best!

This man. I love him so much! TJ is my dearest friend and biggest supporter. He encourages me in all of my endeavors and loves me when I’m unlovable. God has given me a wonderful gift in my husband, and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.

Many thanks to our amazing photographer, Lindsey Cassidy Photography! She’s the best. I knew I could trust her completely to capture our big day, and she did. I’ll treasure these photos forever. You can see more photos from our wedding on Lindsey’s blog.

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On my last trip back to southwest Florida, I got to meet and photograph the cutest, sweetest, happiest little Corgi in Naples! Miss Ami Rose is a four year old rescue and the apple of her parents’ eyes. After the first phone call with Ami’s mom, I knew she was a special girl. Ami Rose has been a comforting, joyful presence to her owners after the loss of their previous Corgi, Tony. As I walked in the door, it was instantly evident that their hearts are just overflowing with love for their new girl. Little Ami has found herself in a wonderful, beautiful home, and I’m so happy I could take a peek into her life and capture her precious personality with my camera!

While I’m now based in Orlando, I travel back to southwest Florida (particularly Sarasota and Naples), about once a month. Please contact me if you are interested in a Sarasota or Naples pet photography session, and I’ll be glad to send you upcoming dates and details.

Enjoy the images!

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  • What a cutie! I bet she’s an instant mood lifter for anyone who sees her.